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566 – Dreaming big and rebuilding after failure with Kristina Karlsson, Founder of Kikki K and Dream Life

Much loved the world over, Swedish born Kristina was the Founder of kikki.K, and more recently Dream Life (an inspiring & empowering brand turned global movement).

After growing up on a small farm in Sweden, aged 22 she found herself in Australia, half a world away from family & friends, with little money and no idea what to do with her life.

Kristina sold all she owned to create & build globally loved Swedish design & stationery business, kikki.K – from the ground up, to have: 120 award winning retail stores in 5 countries; a passionate team of ~1,500; a reputation for innovation & service excellence; an online store serving stationery & design lovers in over 150 countries …and total revenue of around $650m.

For over 20 yrs from start-up to mid 2021, Kristina won the hearts & minds of millions the world over, as the creative force and personality behind what was an authentic, founder & purpose led brand.

After a tumultuous experience thru the Covid pandemic – with forced closures of her stores – Kristina lost control of kikki.K and parted ways in heart-breaking circumstances. A riveting story with many learnings.

She has since bounced back – on a mission to inspire & empower 101 million people the world over to discover and chase their dreams. 


  • The mindset it took to be resilient in growing a $650m global brand 
  • How to take your dreams and make them a reality 
  • Reframing failure and extracting the lessons out of challenging times
  • Building a globally loved brand 
  • Starting and losing a business and the identity shifts that come with the loss
  • The excuses that stop us from building our dream life

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