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574 Building Community & Instagram Growth with KRISTINA BARTOLD

Kristina Bartold-Sorgota is the co-founder and CEO of The Social Snippet. She loves helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their communities online using social media and podcasting. Kristina has been working in social media almost 10 years as a side hustle, and finally realized it was her passion and calling to pair her extensive experience coaching with her love for social strategy.

The Social Snippet was born with her co-founder, Maria, and the rest is history! Kristina spends most of her days recording podcast episodes for the Build Your Digital Community podcast, coaching business owners on how to grow their businesses or hosting events for local female entrepreneurs to grow.  

Here’s what our conversation covered: 

 – Why building community for your business is so important

– How to build community on and offline

– Instagram growth hacks that work

– How to increase your engagement 

– The mindset shift you need to have it you’re burnt out on socials 

– How to build genuine connections online

Connect with Kristina: www.instagram.com/kristina.bartold/



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