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Working with Christine over the last couple of months has been a complete game-changer for my mindset and the way I approach my business. If you need help getting clear on where you want (and can ) take things, or feeling like you’re getting in your own way, I really recommend getting in touch. Word of mouth has gone through the roof. I’m having fun in my business again, and feeling much more clear and excited about the future.

I honestly feel like a different person!

– Jessi, Elephant Pigeon Communications

When I reached out to Christine I felt overwhelmed by the tasks within my business, but also stuck and as if I was unable to manage them all and get to that next level. Having the regular session with Christine was a really brilliant addition to my schedule, I loved knowing that I had a time locked in with her to dive into the nitty gritty bits of my business, and self. Uncovering how much the success of my business is linked to my own inner world and mindset was so surprising. After exploring this in our sessions together, I noticed stark differences in my own behaviour. The biggest win from our time together was actually the inner-work, the breaking down of conditioning and the building of confidence. This has impacted my business in so many ways, but it’s most noticeable in my own attitude and mindset. I feel more empowered, confident and ready. Where before I shied away, now I know I am capable and am ready to kick butt!

Working with Christine was a real joy – I looked forward to our sessions and was blown away by the personal shifts each and every one delivered.

– Lauren, Founder of Dash Marketing Agency 

I reached out because I was wanting to take my business full time (quit my day job) and while financially my business was ready, I wasn’t sure if in myself I was ready. I struggled with the imposter syndrome and wanted to overcome that.  I knew that I needed to prepare myself but I wasn’t sure how or what to do! My favourite part of the sessions was the healing work that we did and the visualisations. It was confronting but in a good way and I noticed an immediate difference within myself at the time and after. I was surprised by how much we managed to uncover that I had no idea was holding me back.

I got back to me – the true essence of who I am. We uncovered my true values which means I can now implement those in my business so I feel fulfilled each day. I achieved an increased sense of awareness in how I am thinking and approaching situations. Now instead of looking at myself through a lens of judgement, I am coming at things from a place of curiosity. 

I think I will always feel a little bit of imposter syndrome, but the difference is now…it isn’t holding me back. I feel confident to call myself a designer and I feel like I deserve the success and life I have built for myself.

The biggest breakthrough was realising how many experiences in my childhood that held me back, small things that influenced how I approached a situation and rituals that I did all the time that were completely unnecessary in achieving success.

I feel free. Free to be myself, free to express myself and free to feel my feelings without judgement on myself. It means I can move forward in my business without feeling I’m a failure, or stressing out over a release. I measure success differently now. I’m not successful just because I sell out a release…I am successful because I have the opportunity to live a life I’ve created.

The biggest impact is that it gave me the confidence and clarity to quit my day job.

Thank you. I cannot thank you enough for the work you did with me and the guidance you gave me. None of this would have been possible without your incredible skills, insight and empathy. I am so glad we connected.

– Nicole G, Founder and Creative Director of Fat Mango 

I reached out to Christine because I felt like my life and emotions were deciding how I felt and what I did. I knew what I wanted to do but needed help getting there.

My favourite part of working with Christine was clearing past experiences and being freed from allowing them to control me anymore and I was surprised by how this allowed me to have different reactions. Freeing me from family experiences that caused me to hold myself back and being able to look positively at my business and what I can achieve have been the best parts of this work. 

I loved that it wasn’t just a business mentor/ coach program but looked at the whole holistic approach. I feel that now when something happens within my business I can look at a situation with a different viewpoint and also be able to sit and enjoy the feeling of sales coming through.

– Jessica H, Founder of Frankie and Roy

I was circling around the same stories of never being able to break past my glass ceiling. My self belief in stepping into who I know I truly am and was born to be was not there. 

My favourite part of work with you was the clear action steps & the accountability and support through voxer. Your enthusiasm and support, readiness to find a solution to my stuckness. I have never had a business coach that I felt so supported and guided by.

Because of Christine’s coaching I was able to step into my Power as a successful business woman – I was always people pleasing before this.

Let go of the fear of putting my hand up to speak at events and be on expert panels, with which I’ve now spoken on three now. And have started showing up more as my true authentic self online. I’m feeling more clear on the direction of my business and what is needed to grow.

The impact is now putting systems in place it will be easier to automate and keep consistent on building the business to a 7 figure business.

I am so grateful for your patience and support through the past 3 months. You are an incredible coach and I am so honoured to also call you my friend xx

– Danni V, Founder of Danni Vee & My Fit Tribe 

I was surprised how I have transformed in such little time. I went from stuck and unclear to clear as hell as to what I’m doing, who I serve, and now I’m 100% dedicated to manifesting my vision and dreams for my business.

Before I started working with Christine, I felt unclear in what I was doing, who I was serving, and if I could even pull it off. I wasn’t creating content because I felt stuck. I had just gotten my diagnosis for my autoimmune disease and felt personally and professionally that I was doomed. I knew I needed support to get out of that headspace.

My favorite part was the in-between support I received in my business while most sessions focused on the internal deep work that I really needed. I feel that often with programs you only get the session time and if you need business support but also some support, you have to choose which is important. I always felt that if I needed anything, I would absolutely get it.

In the time we worked together I completely switched niches and went in 100%. I wasn’t afraid to ask for the same and solidified a corporate contract worth $5000 off of a single interaction. I started showing up on social media, getting comfortable with just trying and testing, not tied to the outcome. I created corporate proposals which was a first. I raised my prices for corporate workshops. I deepened my connection and relationship not only with myself but my spouse, son, and parents. I started to explore more of a range of emotions versus just anger and neutrality. I now focus more on getting excited for opportunities versus waiting for the proverbial “other shoe to drop.”

I now feel optimistic, hopeful, and completely dedicated to what I’m doing and feel more balanced when it comes to pressing towards my goals and spending time on me and with my family. I don’t feel scared to make big, hairy audacious goals. I feel my worth is less tied to what outcomes I get in my business.

– Jessica B, Leadership Coach