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Are you ready to elevate your life 
 & Business?

You want more.

You know you’re here for a reason.

You believe in doing the self work and you show up and serve your clients powerfully.

Now it’s time to up level and it’s time to claim your power.

You deserve everything you desire.

I believe there needs to be more people in the world just like you,

people who love helping other people.

We need to heal the pain from the past, uncover true self belief and overcome

 the I am not worthy story we’ve been telling ourselves for too long.

We need to heal the consciousness of the collective and overcome the inter- generational pain that exists in the world today so we can move past it and start existing in a place where love and compassion connects us all.

More and more people are needing your help and it’s time to step into your power, uncover unstoppable confidence and let go of everything that is holding you back.

You deserve more.  The world is waiting.

Are you showing up as fully as you could be?

Are you sharing your message effortlessly and with authenticity in the world?

Are you sabotaging your success? Do you find yourself struggling with procrastination or not doing the things you know you should be doing?

Do you want to let go of the self doubt and be confident to take risks and

big steps to move yourself forward?

Or maybe you’ve started to see some great results, and then sabotage the next piece of success for yourself.

Do you have a feeling, deep down there is something holding you back?

Do you undervalue yourself? Struggle to ask for what you’re worth?

It’s time to stop second guessing yourself and speak up for what you believe in.


being able to show up without fear, without anxiety and share your message

effortlessly and powerfully!


having a connection to yourself and your inner being, that creates a strong sense of self belief and unstoppable confidence

What if?

you didn’t care what other people thought and were compelled to

express yourself fully? Openly and honestly!

It’s time to become a voice for others, inspire the world with your passion and lead with authenticity!

It’s time to step up and start making a difference!

Imagine the impact you can make when you no longer held yourself back.

You’ve got this and I’m here to guide you.

Let’s rediscover your magic and unlock your greatness.

Let’s unearth your uniqueness and create unstoppable confidence so you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s time to create unbelievable self belief and share the real ‘YOU’ with the world.

Ready to get started?
Let’s do this!

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Life without purpose is just that - without. When you find what you love to do, life becomes more meaningful”


For the past 7 years I have been working with small business owners and helping them reach their business goals. Taking the necessary "business" steps is only half of the battle.  As part of my coaching, I work with a Wholistic view, with the person and their business, as one. as we need to understand that the person is as much the business owner as they arthe business.

Their beliefs, values and emotions affect the business on a daily basis and if we ignore this we are missing out on so much success and happiness. 

 With my qualifications in Human Behavioural Profiling, Neuro- Linguisitic Programming, mBraining and Hypnosis I serve my clients on soul level to help them overcome any limiting beliefs, self sabotage or energetic energy that is holding them back. 

Christine Corcoran

Previously trading as Periscope Coaching, I have recently undergone a full re brand of my business to fully step into who I have become through my journey of Solo Entrepreneurship.  As part of my Re brand, We are now changing the name of our Facebook Page - from Periscope Coaching name to Christine Corcoran. These changes are related to the re-branding of our business Page to represent our business identity, in compliance with Facebook policies and Pages terms..

Brisbane Life Coach

What would have taken me a long time to accomplish on my own, I was able to completely uplevel in just 9 short weeks! From getting clear on my target market, to whipping up a new freebie, creating my marketing campaigns and sales funnels, updating my website and branding, to delivering a very successful webinar and selling out my online program, is just a tiny insight into what having the right support can really do.

Seriously, do you and your business a favour and get Christine on your team! This powerhouse woman puts a rocket up your business and gets behind you in a way that goes over and beyond to make sure you show up, dress up and turn your ideas and goals into reality!!

Rosie, CIntegrative Wellness Coach

Kirsten Morrison

Christine is an incredible coach, and I say that wholeheartedly. I don't think you would find many more coaches who put their all in to not only their own clients, but also in being the embodiment of what she teaches. Christine creates an incredible container where you know you are safe to be and allow whatever needs to come through. We covered a clearing process together that was one of the most transformational experiences I have had on my journey. Aside from walking you through the "personal" things that create the foundation for your business, Christine is also a master at drawing out of you who your ideal clients are and how to use your magic to reach them, as well as making it seem SUPER achievable to do that by supporting you to break it down in to micro steps that quickly allow you to see results. I would highly recommend working with Christine if you want rapid results in your life and business. 

Kirsten, M - Confidence Coach

Book Brisbane Business Coach

Working with Christine was an inspiring experience. From the very first session, I could feel that she had my best interests at heart and wanted one thing for me: TO THRIVE.


The deep personal transformation and business coaching Christine delivered helped me to remember who I truly am, recognize my true value, and plan my vision for the coming 10 years.


She truly understands the power of working with the ideal client – and she reminded me of this throughout our coaching. It helped me to fall even more in love with what I do and take my business in the direction I want to go.


It’s no coincidence that I also experienced two of my biggest revenue months while working with her; a great way to finish out the financial year.


After coaching with Christine, I feel more connected to my heart and ready to follow it in everything I do. 

Emily, G - Book Coach, Author & Speaker

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