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104- Overcoming A Scarcity Mindset

What is a scarcity mindset? A scarcity mindset is where we focus on everything that is missing in our lives, of all the things we want and don’t have, of all the ways we can’t have what we want and everything that’s lacking.

A scarcity mindset affects all areas of your life, it affects your perspective of life, it affects your happiness and joy, it affections your emotions and behaviours and our vibration and ability to manifest more abundance.

To overcome a scarcity mindset we must:

  • Learn to stop telling the scarcity story.
  • Manage your inner critic
  • Question the truth
  • Forgive and let go
  • Refocus our attention

Then use these questions as prompts to refocus your attention.

  • What has money given to you in the past? (Fight the urge to get negative here – really focus on what it HAS given you.)
  • What is it giving you now?
  • What are you taking for granted? (the simple things in life that money allows you – like electricity, wifi, food, water)
  • What opportunities does this situation give you? Really take the time to think this one through, it’s easy to focus on the lack here, but when you really look deeply, you will find opportunities that weren’t there before.
  • Create a list of options to attract more abundance. Get creative here, create a list of at least 20 options – when you think you’ve written down all the options, try for 5 more. ( I know what you’re thinking here – you can’t – well, you can – you’re just not trying hard enough)
  • What can you be truly grateful for?
  • What can I focus on that makes me feel abundant?

Taking the time to find gratitude on a daily basis is the only way to truly shift your perspective to abundance. More abundance will come the more you focus on what you do have, right now, at this moment.

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