Overthinking comes in three forms; ruminating about the past, worrying about the future or dwelling on a problem.

Are you a victim of overthinking? Do you make problems where there aren’t any? Do you get stuck in Analysis paralysis?

Overthinking is a repeated thought pattern that keeps us stuck and also hinders us from tapping into valuable information from the body. Today I delve into how to get out of your head, back into your body so you can stop the overthinking pattern.

Learning to tap into your heart and your intuition gives you the ability to feel the emotions designed to give us information and figure out what action steps to take to overcome the problem.

Overthinking is often a symptom of avoiding our emotions, where our brains override our hearts and try to work out what to do and how to feel. Our heart is where we fee so when we learn to tap back into our hearts we get to tap into so much more positive emotion to enhance our experience in our lives.

Some key ways to overcome overthinking are:

  • Reducing the amount of time given to overthinking (set a deadline and choose a different option – decision or action.
  • Meditation
  • Coherent breathing practice
  • Exercise
  • Creative play
  • Taking action

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