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106 – Gratitude Is A Practice With Ange Simson, Founder Of The Gratitude Project.

Ange Simson is an Integrative Nutrition Health & Happiness Coach, Mama of two beautiful girls, Creator of the Gratitude Gang, Health Hub and founder of The Gratitude Project.

Our conversation covers:

  • Building the practice of gratitude for a happier life
  • Being a better friend
  • Finding gratitude in daily activities
  • Wellbeing in all areas of your life
  • Dealing with comparison
  • What’s your percentage of happiness?
  • Getting to know yourself through self-awareness and using your unresourceful behaviours as opportunities for growth
  • Overcoming adversity with changing your perspective
  • Celebrating your friends creating a supportive group of friends
  • The most important ingredient in a successful business
  • Your strengths are your comfort zone


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