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107 – Impostor Syndrome

Where in your life do you experience the Impostor syndrome? Have you ever experienced feeling like a fraud? Feeling like you may be found out? Feeling like you don’t deserve what you want?

  • You stay in the same job/role because you beleive other people are more worthy for the promotion
  • Or you get the promotion at work, and your inner critic says to you “they must have been short on applicants.”
  • You have a win in your business, but you think it was just luck or by chance
  • You are getting ready to give a presentation/speech, and you secretly think that you’re about to be found out for under-qualified/inexperienced you are.
  • You’re sitting in a big meeting and have a thought that the boss will walk in any minute, tap you on the shoulder, and tell you they have finally realized that you really aren’t qualified for the job (even though you’re the most experienced person in the room).
  • You want to launch a podcast, program, new service but constantly think; No one will listen/buy it/want it.
  • You think about doing video online but tell yourself that you don’t have anything valuable to offer.

The Impostor Syndrome is fear-based thinking where we believe that we are unworthy of our own success or achievements. It’s where we fear being found out that we’re a fraud and dismiss our own worthiness.

I don’t believe you have to be a high-achieving individual to experience the Impostor Syndrome, I believe that anyone wanting to create something new, push themselves out of their comfort zone or do something they’ve never done before has experienced this at some point in their lives.

So the question is – how do we overcome this? How do I push past the fear and achieve the things we want to achieve without the feeling of not being worthy or like we are going to be found out a fraud?

The impostor syndrome only becomes paralyzing when we believe the fear-based thoughts. It’s up to us to develop our new identity, with our new beliefs and live into our future selves.

I believe in myself
I have the life experience to teach other people to learn new things
I believe the message I have to share is relevant and important
I believe that the right person will hear what I have to say and it will make a difference in their lives
I believe I am just as worthy as anyone else in this field

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