Have you ever felt let down or disappointed by something not working out the way you had hoped?

Have you ever gotten angry or frustrated because someone didn’t do, or say what you thought they should do?

Have you ever had something turn out so different to how you had expected it to and felt disappointed?

Have you ever not achieved what you’d expected of yourself and felt like you’d failed?

Today I share my experience of having expectations on other people and expectations on ourselves.

How to work through the expectation let down, change how you feel about it so you can choose to take radical responsibility and honesty for our part and move through it without it letting it ruin your day.

Expectations of others

Dealing with unmet expectations 

Expecting others to act, say or be a certain way sets ourselves up for disappointment and hurt.  

Expectations on yourself 

Your expectations – are they too high or too low?

How to recognize where your expectations are keeping you stuck, Where are you settling? Blaming? Judging? Making excuses

Not having expectations

What would life be like without expectations?