What or who triggers you? The resistance you feel is indicating that there is some healing or resolution that needs to happen internally for you to be able to move forward. What you resist, persists and if you don’t deal with the trigger it will continue to control you.

What is a trigger?

A trigger is something that sets off an emotional response in you.
You may get angry, annoyed, upset, frustrated. You may react with judgment, avoidance, or apathy.
Either way, if something is triggering an emotional response in you, that trigger is an indicator that there is an internal conflict or an unresolved issue that needs to be addressed.
And if you don’t address it, it will continue to control you.

Doing the inner work is looking at these triggers with curiosity and compassion, so you can begin the healing process to let it go and step into being your true self.
Is it a situation, something or someone that triggers you?

Does the trigger feel like something unresolved from the past?

Is it highlighting where you are suppressing yourself? Not standing up for what you believe in or asking for what you want?

Or is it an inner conflict?

Your ego trying to protect you, triggering a fear or limiting belief?

Is it the ego trying to protect itself?

Is it fear?

Need to self protect: anger, internal judgment, protect who you think you are, projecting your pain on them, avoiding self-judgement

Need to seek safety: Avoidance, fear, danger, external judgement, distance or disconnect from situation or someone.

Need to self-comfort: Self-loathing, loneliness, fear, guilt, sadness

Start by bringing awareness to the trigger, what emotions it brings up and start to look deeper into what is causing the reaction

Use these journal prompts to uncover and overcome the trigger:

Questions for Unresolved Issues

Identify the past experience it reminds you of. What about that past experience triggers you?

What are the emotions you are noticing you feel?

What did you want to say, or do in that situation that you didn’t do in the past? How did you want the other person to respond?

How has your interpretation of the event affected how you view the situation here in the present?

Why is it now time to change your interpretation of the event?

What could you make it mean instead?

Questions if it is a person who triggers you

What triggers you about them? Specifically? Get as specific as possible.

What emotions does it bring up in you?

What about that person could you be missing? What are you choosing not to see?

What do I see in them that I fear in myself?

What do I want it to be instead?
Who do I want to be instead?

TAKE THE QUIZ – What’s holding you back?