Sammie is a coach for women who are ready to connect with their true feminine power and up-level their lives with ease and calm.  She supports her clients to cultivate deep inner confidence like never before and live deliciously attuned to their natural rhythms, stepping into a life of flow.  She is known for her intuitive yet grounded coaching style, guiding her clients back to who they truly are and supporting them as they rise exponentially.

Sammie weaves her passion for feminine cycles into her work, allowing her clients to embrace the full power of feminine energy.  Sammie loves creating sacred spaces through 1:1 online coaching, group experiences, and women’s circles.

Our conversation covers:

  • Growing a coaching business alongside other work
  • Play for productivity
  • Pushing our edges
  • Learning to receive
  • Developing a relationship with your intuition
  • Creating ceremony in business
  • Resistance vs fear
  • Being seen and expressing yourself fully
  • Other people’s opinions
  • Dealing with naysayers
  • Being multi-passionate
  • Rising with Ease

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