Lea is a Certified Money Coach and Certified Wellness Coach helping creatives, freedom seekers, entrepreneurs, and health & wellness professionals to create awareness and take back control of their relationship with money. Gaining clarity, skills, and confidence to better manage money as a tool to create freedom and a life of their design.

With her formal qualifications in yoga, well-being, and mindfulness while studying Positive Psychology and Well-being, Mindful Based Stress Reduction, NLP and Motivational Coaching, Lea’s approach to money & business is unique & empowering. In 2017 She was named the winner of the AFA / TAL Female Excellence in Advice award and in 2016 was named Money Management Young Achiever of the Year. 

Lea believes that the more women step into their power with money and own their relationship with it, consciously and mindfully, then it can be used with purpose and intention to support us individually and as a collective. Seeing money as it really is, as an energy and a resource and by unwinding its role in our self-worth, success & happiness, it enables us to see that money is just a tool that supports us to create a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Today’s conversation covers:

  • Exploring the possibilities of wealth & what we believe is possible
  • Why women struggle with earning more money
  • Our emotional relationship with money
  • Intergenerational money stories
  • Money fears as a woman
  • Abundant action
  • Moving through fear as you up level
  • Money as an amplifier
  • Abundance starts with clarity
  • Wealth is also being able to receive
  • Valuing yourself
  • Charging what you’re worth
  • Self sabotaging our wealth

Books mentioned:

Earth is Hiring – Peta Kelly

It’s not your money – Tosha Silver