Have you ever wanted to launch something successfully? Or maybe you’ve launched something, it failed miserably and now you don’t know how to move forward. Then this Podcast interview is for you!

Steph Taylor makes launching simple and fun for small business owners. She is a corporate dropout turned marketing nerd and host of the bite-sized online marketing podcast, Socialette, which has had over 400,000 downloads and counting. Steph helps brands catapult their ideas and skyrocket their launches and empowers small business owners with the no-fluff know-how they need to launch and grow the business of their dreams. 

Today’s conversation covers:

  • Knowing when to pivot in business
  • The power of going niche
  • Dealing with overwhelm
  • The top three mistakes of launching
  • Waiting till you’re ready
  • Building your authority
  • The biggest challenges of launching
  • The highs and lows of business
  • Setting goals for a launch
  • The mindset of taking things to the next level
  • Taking action from fear or love
  • Learning to enjoy fear

Viral Sweeps

You can connect with Steph Taylor here:

https://instagram.com/stephtaylor.co https://www.facebook.com/stephtaylor.co