Are you wanting to share your message on bigger and brighter stages?
Do you feel you don’t have the clarity, confidence or readiness to call yourself a speaker, but you have it on your heart to speak out and share your message?

Johanna Parker is a heart-fuelled and connection-led life, confidence and public speaking coach, international speaker and space holder, personal leadership maven, fear-dismantler, coach trainer, educator, strategist, communication expert and the founder of Heart Sparks, where, through an unwavering combination of heart, strategy and healing, she passionately supports both womxn and young people to unearth, embrace and unashamedly share their truest voice and message with deep confidence and conviction.

Through her powerful coaching, curriculum, workshops and retreats, Johanna passionately supports her clients and audiences through a journey of finding, honoring and igniting their voice, while bravely aligning their head and their heart with a deeper connection. Her work has seen thousands of womxn build unwavering confidence in themselves and their businesses, her school-based curriculum has transformed conversations and enhanced connection to personal wellness in the education sector and her work as a Coach Trainer has supported hundreds of heart-centered people across the globe to build successful service-based businesses.

Our conversation covers:

  • The power of unashamed Authenticity!
  • Finding space and time to unearth who you are authenticity
  • The purpose of a speaker is to hold a mirror up for your audience to reflect on themselves internally.
  • Sharing your message as a speaker with heart & genuine realness
  • The power of speaking to boost your business
  • Breaking down the glorification of the word “Speaker”
  • Building confidence as a Speaker
  • Shaping your message to connect with your audience
  • Creating a journey for your audience

You can connect with Jo Parker here: