After overcoming depression at age 19, Emily devoted herself and her life to bringing writing and inspiration to the world – and she has now spent more than a decade showing people that it is possible to live an extraordinary life.

As the author of 11 published books on the topics of self-help, entrepreneurship and writing – including The Book Within You and The Inspirational Messenger – Emily produced an award-winning blog attracting thousands of readers called Life Travels in 2010 Emily worked with Dr. John Demartini on his international best-selling book Inspired Destiny in 2009 and shared the stage with him in Melbourne, Australia in 2015.

Emily’s writings, projects, and speaking presentations have touched and moved thousands globally as she inspires people to reach for more. As a winner of the 2012 and 2014 Anthill 30under30 Young Entrepreneur Award, Emily has been featured in a range of media sharing her inspirational messages. And now she is inspiring all the dreamers in the world to unlock their greatness and pursue their purpose with her new book, Born Great.

Our conversation covers:

  • The struggles of being a high achiever
  • Getting through hard times while staying on purpose
  • Looking for the blessing in challenges
  • Sharing your gifts with the world
  • Getting clear on your mission
  • The connection between self-love and money
  • How to deal with negative feedback
  • Give yourself the permission to express your greatness
  • Comparisonitis stems from a lack of self-respect
  • Charging your worth fearlessly
  • Confirmations from the universe to go all in
  • Our obligation to share our greatness

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