Leanne Webber is incredibly passionate and supportive about helping business owners exceed their fullest potential. After struggling through 3 years of business ownership, feeling isolated and alone, Leanne decided she needed to surround herself with like-minded people that could help her through the challenges she was having in business.

She searched high and low for the perfect solution, however, couldn’t find one. From a place of necessity, in 2018, Leanne created The Founders Team – a mastermind program helping business owners celebrate wins, feel less lonely, achieve their goals and grow their businesses while being supported by new like-minded friends. In just over one year, The Founders Team has helped more than 100 business owners reach their goals and create new connections…and they’re just getting started!

Today’s conversation dives into:

  • The importance of growing your network as a business owner
  • Overcoming the fear and awkwardness of attending networking events
  • The power of masterminding
  • Pivoting and changing to scale your business
  • Recognizing how you work to be more productive
  • Working with your inner cycle
  • Recognizing where your genius is and getting help doing what you’re not so great at
  • Allowing yourself to receive help to grow your business