Do you get caught up in all the What IF stories and spiral into anxious thoughts and feelings?

Does it keep you stuck and frustrated, just wishing that you could change the way you felt?

Practiced thought patterns that spiral out of control can keep us procrastinating or stuck in a place of fear, worrying about all the what ifs:

What if this happened

What if I hadn’t done this, what if I had done this, what if this goes wrong

What if it’s a flop, what if I’m judged, what if I’m seen as a failure again

When you’ve processed your emotions in a healthy way there is no built up resistance to emotions

What if those anxious feelings we were experiencing was a form of self protection and a call for self love?

What if you viewed your anxiety with self love and compassion instead of Self judgement and anger?

Let’s talk about the why this time is the perfect time to dive deeper into what’s causing the anxious thoughts so you can process your emotions and play a positive What If story of the future.

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