Guest Mr Chris Helder – International Motivational Speaker & Author.

Chris is one of today’s highest booked motivational speakers, with 16 years experience he has presented his high-impact presentation over 2000 times to audiences around the world.  Best selling author of three books – The Ultimate book of influence, Useful Belief and new release – Cut the Noise.

On today’s episode we cover:

  • How to have a Useful belief because positive thinking doesn’t work
  • How to lead with Love not Fear
  • How to use Useful Belief to stay present, to achieve success and happiness
  • Why we all need to “Cut the noise” to live happier lives
  • How Energy is our decision
  • His top tips to living a successful life
  • New Years Resolutions – don’t set yourself up to fail
  • His 10 Seconds of Guilt technique

Chris Helder is on a mission to help us eliminate guilt from our lives, bringing us back to gratitude to allow us to see the beauty in the everyday.

You can check out his books and more about Chris Helder here:

Best selling Author of:

The Ultimate Book of Influence – Best Seller, translated into 5 languages

Useful Belief – Because positive thinking doesn’t work.

Cut the Noise – Accelerated Focus, Circles of Importance, and 10 Seconds of Guilt Technique

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!