Sally Prosser is a voice coach who’s all about helping you speak with confidence, clarity, and charisma. She believes that unless you’ve sworn a lifetime vow of silence, your voice matters and is key to connecting with others – whether it’s one person at a coffee catch-up or a thousand people at a conference.

As a TV & radio news journalist for 8 years. company spokesperson and speech & drama teacher she knows a trick or two about speaking with confidence, clarity and charisma.

During Covid, Sally decided to have some fun on TikTok and had such massive success building a following of more than 230k followers, that she was featured on the Sunrise featured in the Daily Mail.  

Her signature program, Six Week Voice Makeover takes participants through the key fundamentals on how to make an impact every time you speak – in any scenario.

Sally holds a licentiate (pronounced Lie-SEN-chee-ate) teaching diploma in speech and drama with the Australian Music Examinations Board, as well as degrees in Journalism and Law from the University of Wollongong.

Sally also hosts That Voice Podcast, where she shares practical speaking and confidence tips and interviews people from a range of industries to highlight the importance of voice for everyone.

Today, our conversation covers:

  • Sharing your voice with passion and confidence
  • The biggest challenges holding people back from speaking more
  • Dealing with fear and judgment
  • What makes for a great speaking presentation
  • The top mistakes speakers make
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • What you need to add to make your speech more engaging
  • Setting up your energy to make an impact

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