Lea Schodel is CEO of Wellthy Pty Ltd and the founder of The mindful wealth movement. Lea has 17 years’ experience in financial advice, combined with qualifications in wellness coaching, money coaching, yoga teaching and writing. Lea is passionate about financial well-being and teaching women to manage money in a holistic, meaningful and creative way. She runs online programs, face to face workshops and wealth & well-being retreats which incorporate personal finance, mindfulness, yoga, well being and personal development.

In 2016, Lea was named the Money Management’s Young Achiever of the Year.

In 2017, she won the AFA / TAL Female Excellence in Advice award. Lea’s work has also been featured in publications such as Elle Magazine, Wanderlust, YogiTimes, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

As a social enterprise, The Mindful Wealth Movement’s aim is to empower women with the mindset, skills and confidence to better manage their relationship with money, reduce financial stress and create happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

On today’s episode we discuss all things money and purpose including:

  • What is your definition of success?
  • Is money enabling you or controlling you?
  • How to have self awareness around money
  • What is an abundance mindset?
  • Understanding when you can manage yourself, you can manage your money better
  • How to view debt from an abundance mindset
  • What is good debt and limiting debt?
  • Are you expanding your future or limiting it due to money?
  • What to do when starting out in business
  • Don’t limit yourself by only looking within your own industry
  • Understanding money patterns and beliefs


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Here is the book Lea was talking about:

The Four Agreements – Book by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Body Keeps the Score – Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Book by Bessel van der Kolk


Here’s to health, wealth and happiness,


Love Christine