Suki van K, Marketing Maverick and rebel with a cause, Founder of Origami Globe and Suki Van K.Different by name and different by nature, her mission is to show you how marketing can be different, how marketing should be easy, and what it looks like when you throw out the BS templates, complicated Trello boards, and ‘tried and true’ methods to just be you in your business.
Suki works with purpose-driven, passion-led, men and women on a mission;The fire-starters, trail-blazers, cheer-leaders, rights-advocators, freedom-seekers, leap-takers, and world-changers to help you find your unique voice and put your marketing on cruise control.If you’re ready to rid yourself of frustration and speak from a place of passion; if you’re ready to leave behind the restriction of shitty marketing templates, for the freedom of saying what you really want to say and if you’re craving real conversation, connection and collaboration with the people you’re here to help, you’re ready to embrace the marketing maverick in you.Conversation covers:

  • Attraction Marketing
  • How to find what aligns with you
  • Doing marketing in unique ways
  • Defining what success means to you
  • Shifting from scarcity to abundance mindset
  • The impact your relationship with money can have on your business
  • Square pegs in round holes
  • Allowing yourself to just be you in your business
  • What coaching with Christine is really like

To find out more about Suki – Follow her here Suki (@sukivank) • Instagram photos and videos or here The Home Of Competitions (@origamiglobe) • Instagram photos and videosYou can also check out her sites here: /