242 -Perfectionism & Why we do what we do with Kristy Gray, Life Strategist & Astrologer

Kristy Gray is a Life Strategist & Astrologer all about inspiring others to take the steps they need to master confidence, gain clarity and transform your lifestyle all through the lens of Astrology.
She’ll use her vast and varied experience to create a tailored strategy to dismantle the uncertainty and self-doubt that’s holding you back. Kristy’s process stems from her love of learning, her qualifications include 10 years of Learning and Development, Life Coaching, Cert IV Fitness, Metabolic Nutritionist, Applied Crystal Healing, Third-year Astrologer and NLP Practitioner.

Our conversation today covers:

  • Perfectionism as your superpower
  • 2020 energy VS 2021 Energy
  • The new Astrological year in March
  • Using Astrology to validate why you do what you do
  • How to use the full moon and the new moon to support your growth
  • Dealing with Mercury Retrograde
  • What you don’t know about Astrology
  • How to use Astrology to take your business to the next level

Find Kristy online fuelled by thought-provoking conversations, analyzing what’s written in the stars, and dishing up a great Astrology meme (or two) at www.kristygray.com

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