Andrea is a Mindset Confidence Coach who works with women who are fat, curvy or plus-size; whose bodies don’t fit society’s notion of “ideal”. She helps them to conquer their fears, negative self-talk and overcome weight stigma so that they can reconnect to their confidence, super-charge their self-belief and lead the amazing life that they dream of. As a plus-size woman, Andrea has overcome years of weight stigma and low self-belief to move into her full potential and achieve her career and life goals.

Today we talk all about:

  • Weight stigma and the impact it has on women’s confidence
  • Internalized oppression
  • Quick tips for confidence
  • How to push through fear when you don’t have the confidence
  • Why pushing through the fear is worthwhile in business
  • How to begin to believe in your worthiness
  • Andrea’s experience in The Energetics of Money

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