“I generally find that comparison is the fast track to unhappiness” Jack Canfield

Why do we compare ourselves to other people, their successes, their bodies, their purchases, abilities and talents. What is it about our human nature that drives us to compare and how do we change the way we look at other peoples achievements and learn how to celebrate and admire them without having to consider our own shortcomings and inadequacies?

With social media bringing the world closer, it is easier to find ourselves comparing our results to other people from all over the world. Gone are the days that we would only compare ourselves to our friends, family and close work colleagues.

As the world evolves, unfortunately our brain hasn’t so it is more and more important that we are vigilant with our thoughts and feelings than ever before.

When you find yourself comparing your success, talent, body or results with someone else learn to ask better questions to turn comparison into modelling for success.

Be accurate and curious with your judgement.
– How did they achieve those results?
– What actions and behaviours did they have to adopt to be successful?
– What beliefs and mindset did they choose to achieve this?
– What sacrifices and change of lifestyle gave them this outcome?

And lastly, learn to celebrate their success and cheer them on. We all deserve success and all deserve to have our peers cheering us on from the sidelines. Success doesn’t happen overnight and we must learn to admire the sacrifices, strengths, abilities and qualities that someone has to be successful.

And when you admire such qualities, just know that you also have that quality within you already.
Noticing it in others is the soul’s yearning to express and explore that quality more.

“Comparison is the death of joy” – Mark Twain

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