When Michelle says she knows how to grow an audience that makes you 6-figures, she means it. Growing her own FB group was a total game-changer for her business. It gave her the freedom and security she had been searching for when she left her 9-5 nearly five years ago.

With a 15-year background in marketing & public relations, Michelle has the skills and knowledge to help other talented rockstars get to 6-figures in their business. That starts with her proven framework for growing an engaged Facebook group that makes you a 6-figure business owner. Michelle’s no-nonsense, tough love approach helps her clients get results fast. If you want a kick in the pants to get moving (and the accountability to go with it), then Michelle is the perfect coach for you.

Today’s conversation shares with you:

  • How to overcome limiting beliefs that keep you from showing up and getting visible
  • How to have freedom in your business
  • What to focus on if you have little time or money
  • How to monetise your Facebook group
  • How to increase your Facebook groups engagement
  • Your group positioning
  • Two simple things to grow your audience
  • How to know if your marketing is working

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