Today’s episode is  a hybrid episode – I know, weird right. But it’s kinda the same concept – you’ll see.

This week I’ve had a few people comment on how difficult it is to find friends in this day and age and I’ve also been having conversations on how to find clients in a business situation and how important understanding your ideal client is.

So what is important to you? What do you value in life?

Today I am using a tool that I use in my business coaching to get clear on your ideal client so your marketing, branding and advertising speaks directly to that ideal client.

By using the same tool to discover what is important to you and what your interests are you can discover how to find like – minded people so you can make new friends.

Random correlation yeah? Not really, when you think about. We all just want to belong, and we all want people understand what we are going through and what we want in life.

What better way to discover where to find friends than to ask yourself these important questions first.

Grab a pen and paper and let’s get started. 🙂