Having struggled with body image and weight loss issues her entire life, Jenny J found herself trying every diet gimmick in the book with no luck. As she pursued a dance career in LA. , she was bombarded with society’s standards of beauty that left her feeling insecure and unworthy of success. In an effort to lose weight, she learned everything she could about nutrition, fitness and healthy living. In the process, she not only transformed her body, but also transformed the way she approached life. She now advocates living a healthy balanced lifestyle and enjoying the journey. She now shares tips on how to become the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally.

Jenny J’s mission is to help millions of women get fit so they can live healthy, happy and confident lives. She is the creator of her digital fitness studio, JFF ON DEMAND, where she teaches fun high-energy workout classes that make fitness fun.

Our conversation covers:

  • Simple easy hacks for busy go-getters to stay healthy
  • The secret to staying consistent and disciplined
  • How to feel happy and healthy now no matter what your size
  • Effective ways to hit your weight loss goals
  • The interesting connections between business and fitness
  • Becoming an amplified version of yourself
  • Why cardio isn’t the answer
  • Creating a massive TikTok following
  • Success with multiple streams of income

To check out more about Jenny head her – https://www.jennyjfitness.com & connect with her on TikTok