Sophia Parra is a social media strategist with a proven record for increasing a brand’s following, engagement, and reach. Her clients have tripled attendance at their free events, gone from 800 followers to 50k followers, increased opportunities for podcasts, magazines and even TV features, and at the top of 2020, one of her clients had a 6 figure launch from her Direct Messages… 

She’s also the creator of the online subscription, WHAT THE HECK TO POST, where she helps members stop falling victim to the algorithm and was most recently seen talkin’ DM strategy on Forbes.

Our fire conversation covers:

  • Biggest mistakes people make when selling on socials
  • Why content is NOT king!
  • Consistency is not a strategy
  • How to sell on socials without being icky
  • The intention you need to set in order to be authentic online
  • Content strategy that’s not overwhelming
  • How to get new leads easily and effortlessly
  • Overcoming excuses to create more
  • What to do when people aren’t engaging
  • Dealing with rejection

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