Today’s insight is all about clear communication.
So much hurt, pain and misunderstandings can be easily sorted out with better communication.
We often find ourselves making internal judgments, laying blame and expecting others to know how we think or feel, without considering how well we have communicated what we want from the other party.
Have you considered that it might be time to look at a better way to communicate?
If you have a partner, kids, boss, employees or family and friends, this is an episode for you.
I cover:
  • Effective and Clear communication
  • All forms of communication need to be considered
  • Know your outcome
  • Set an intention for how you want to behave or be perceived
  • Learn to acknowledge – most people want to feel understood
  • Benefit of the doubt
  • All anyone is ever looking for is love and to feel heard
  • Listening to understand not just to respond
  • Conscious choice to inflict pain or love – having empathy
  • Being present
  • Are you sending mixed messages to the universe

Have an amazing week!

With love,