Holly is a light bearer in the multifacetes of “who we be” to live a phenomenal life. Many of us have our own release and expression rituals, however there is something so powerful about creating this space to experience it TOGETHER. Women coming together in general is pure magic and when we pair this with somatic movement and radical love everything uplevels.

Ka- Life Force | Soul
Ba- Physical Essence | Human Body
“Pleasure over Performance”

KaBa has been birthed through Holly’s own journey with not taking deep ownership of her expression and pleasure. The KaBa essence is guided through the fierce, feminine energy we all hold, however don’t always know how to activate. As you journey with KaBa, there are many intentions that can be placed as you move your body and seed in your life force for success. KaBa is a modality to reactivate stagnant neural pathways through movement to honour the body we have chosen to do this lifetime in. 

On today’s episode we explore:

  • Feminine Embodiment
  • Connecting to your feminine energy
  • Self expression and the masculine
  • The power of Kaba Movement
  • Using movement to deepen your connection to yourself, your business and your relationships
  • Living a fuck yes life

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