Sarah Jansel is a fan of all things e-commerce. She is both the owner of Jansel & Co & the Shopify Queen where she helps you build, brand, and grow your awesome Shopify store. Sarah is passionate about all things strategy and business, and is excited to help others realize their passions in this space.
After starting her own Shopify business, Sarah sought out as much information as she could on how to set one up, run it and make it profitable. She then took this passion to a new level where she is now using that knowledge to help others get their product or store online.
Sarah’s background has mainly been in business, having worked in HR and Operations roles for Fortune 500 companies across the Canada, including TD, PwC, Scotia Bank her last role as the the VP, People & Operations at CARFAX Canada. 

Our conversation covers:

  • How to overcome the fear of tech in setting up your Shopify site
  • Out of the box ideas on how to create passive income
  • How to grow your email list to boost your online sales
  • How to scale your Shopify sales & brand
  • The top mistakes e-commerce businesses make
  • What to consider when reviewing your customer journey and customer experience
  • What to do when you hit a plateau in sales
  • Sharing your story and creating community
  • How important your post purchase experience is