Sam Mutimer, Founder and Director at ThinkTank Social and ThinkTank Scout

Founding the company in 2008 after selling advertising space on her broken leg via YouTube (yes, you read correctly!), Sam acts as both Director of Social Media and ‘Public Face’ for the brand. Coming from playing rugby for England, Sam’s true passion has been around healthy active lifestyle & how nutrition plays a strong role in enabling the body & mind to perform at its best! The agency has attracted my lifestyle & health/nutrition brands, due to this passion of hers. Her wealth of digital knowledge sees Sam invited to speak at countless digital/social media marketing events and, if you’re a regular watcher of Network 10’s ‘The Project’, you might see Sam providing a comment or two as the resident social media expert. As well as being a devoted mother to two boys, Sam loves her fitness & is a bit of a gym junkie – enjoying anything that raises her heart rate!
Today’s episode we talk all about:
  • Turning what could be a tragedy into a whole new life path
  • Having a Can Do attitude
  • Making mistakes to create success
  • Hiring for culture not skills
  • Loving sales and being passionate about what you sell
  • Being people centric
  • The power of thank you
  • Know your purpose with every decision
  • Social Media strategies – who are you and what do you stand for?
  • Understanding your clients
  • Reverse engineering your plans
  • Focusing on what’s relevant
  • What’s next for social media
  • The power of taking time out to refocus
  • Putting yourself in uncomfortable positions to take your growth further

The book Sam mentioned was The hard thing about hard things – Ben Horowitz

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