Aimee is an online course strategist and digital marketing nerd. She opened the doors to Japanese in 12, an online 12-week course for learning Japanese at the start of 2021, which quickly exploded into over 1,500 students around the world and is currently growing month on month.

Through her fast business growth, she’s been recognised as one of Instagram’s 25 under 25 and featured in over 15 different publications. Aimee has recently launched another program under The Course Mentors, where she is passionate about mentoring women on how to create, sell and scale their own online courses.  

Our conversation covers:

  • Top mistakes online course creators make
  • How to improve completion rates
  • What it takes to make an online course successful
  • How to sell your online course without using sleazy sales tactics
  • What to do if people aren’t completing your course

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