From overburdened copywriters to full-blown messaging strategists, Jessi and Marie from North Star Messaging have completely transformed their business and made room for their unique personalities to shine.  They’ve honed in on their true purpose, and now they help other purpose-driven entrepreneurs do the same.

Their articles have also been published in The Huffington PostThrive Global and YFS Magazine. Together, they’ve helped entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and major universities discover, develop, and maintain a consistent brand voice. Today’s conversation with Jessi and Marie from North Star Messaging covers some really unique concepts and very practical ideas to grow your business, from content to messaging to becoming a thought leader!


  • Building a sustainable business through personality & positioning
  • Building the bridge between ideal client to what you want your message to be
  • How to discover your brand voice
  • Important things to consider when working as a partnership
  • How to deliver your brand voice through your content
  • How to set yourself a part & become unique in a flooded market
  • Defining what it means to be a thought leader
  • How to have influence in your field
  • Creating a copy writing character
  • Turning failure into opportunities
  • Pivot & microshifting to create business growth
  • Turning your personality + passion into strategic content that converts
  • How to never run out of content ideas in your business

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