Want to be a successful entrepreneur?

Over all the successful people I have interviewed I believe there are 5 important things all entrepreneurs master to become successful!  Here’s my take on the Top 5!


  • Energy – without access to energy we wouldn’t be able to put in the hard work and long hours to be successful. So where do they get their energy and drive?
  • GRIT – yes resilience is essential! All successful entrepreneurs find the courage and tenacity to continue to get back up after being rejected and knocked down. They also have a unique relation ship with fear.
  • Reinvention & Innovation – They adopt a beginners mindset and are always striving for constant and never ending improvement. Always looking for ways to innovate and reinvent the way, the industry, their products and themselves.
  • Clarity – Clarity to know thy self, their outcome, their weaknesses and their steps to success.
  • Influence  – Influence encapsulates the thoughts of others and our thoughts of ourselves and how to influence them.

These are all skills we can learn and master. Where do you need to do the work?

Check out the Collab Excursion – A mid year business workshop with collaboration, coaching and give back!

Are you a biz babe or biz dude looking to connect and collaborate with other like minded individuals?

Are you ready to set some epic, goal centred intentions for this next financial year, in your business and personal life [because lets face it, taking care of yourself is taking care of your business]?

Do you want to do some good in your business and maybe earn some solid karma with Mama Earth?

Welcome to The Collab Excursion! – https://events.humanitix.net/the-collab-excursion

This event combines all our favourite things; COMMUNITY + COLLABORATION + GIVING BACK

As you may have guessed, this is an excursion and we are inviting you all to get those permission slips signed and join us for a day of fun. Our destination is The Corner Palm, a beautiful co-working space, run by some pretty cool peeps in Byron Bay. This is where we will all get together to create, collaborate and connect with our fellow biz buddies. We have some incredible people joining us for the day who are going to guide us through some activities before we spend some time getting clear on direction for the following year ahead.

First off we have our two coaches for the day Christine Corcoran & Kirsten Morrison who will be helping us with a mid-year business review, setting our intention for the year ahead and talking about collaboration and how this can change your business game. These super humans will also be offering 1 on 1 power sessions to help you get super clear on the path ahead. We also have the beautiful and talented Steph from The Soul Echo joining us for the day. Steph is going to whisk each of you away to take some new head shots, cause hands up if you don’t need new content for your socials… Yep, that’s what I thought [jumping up and down]. Our very own Jess will also be present on the day and would love to chat with anyone wanting to know more about how to host enviro friendly events or how to become an EVENT ACTIVIST.

Lastly and we think this is the most exciting part of the whole day… We will be completing a mini beach clean up with Byron locals Clean Coast Collective. There is no better feeling than when you are giving back and what better way to end an incredible day, than to give back to this beautiful planet we call home.

So get those permission slips in you beautiful people AKA buy your tix now!!

Click the link now – – https://events.humanitix.net/the-collab-excursion