Today’s episode is a unique blend of interviews with 9 epic women who were a part of The Collab Excursion on Sunday 24th June 2018.

During this day of connection and collaboration I took the opportunity to interview these beautiful women on following their purpose, what entreprenuership is all about and their insights on The Collab Excursion experience.

So many beautiful insights and unique similarities that were very surprising and heart warming!

I hope you love this episode!

To connect, collaborate or work with these women, check out the links below:


Kerri Speyers

Life  Coach


Ash Minto – AM Social Studio


Holly Walsh

Doterra Queen and a Pink Witch



The Soul Echo – Steph Doyle

Photographer & Soul Echoist


Megan Stephenson

Creatrix Transformologist


Claire Hepburn

Founder of Flamingo Creative


Catherine watts

Conscious Relationship Coach


Jess Selwood

The Commune Space


Kirsten Morrison

Empowerment Coach