Podcast Episode 45 – Is all about the power of saying no. Do you struggle with saying no?

Feel the need to please and avoid confrontation?

Why do some people find it easy to say no and others struggle?

Let’s uncover why we feel the need to say yes and find new ways to say no.


Every opportunity to say no is really an opportunity to say yes to something else.


Disease to Please – Fear of rejection and need for external love and validation


Struggling to say no – Dealing with fear of judgement, repercussions and fear of not being loved. Yet, when you actually start saying no, people will respect your time and respect you for not always saying yes.

Ideally, we need to realign with a our values, decide what is important to  us and recognise what we are saying yes to us costing us time for what is really important.

If you don’t know what your values are, it might be time to spend some time writing down what is important in your life and deciding ahead of time how you plan to say no to other things, so you can start putting yourself and what is important first.

Saying no takes practice and is owning your power, standing your ground and holding your values to a higher standard. Once we decide to hold our values at a higher stand, we can learn to say no without apologizing, making excuses or being vague.

Once we start saying no, and open up space for new things, the universe will support your dreams even more.


Louise Hay – Heal your Life – Mirror work

Daily Affirmations – https://youtu.be/OqHavcUFPJU