Recently I have been neglecting my morning routine as the weather has gotten colder and my days have gotten busier, and I have recognized the impact it has had on my days. So today I want to share the ways I set up my day for abundance and mindfulness to lift my energy and my vibration.

Are you starting your day on your terms? Are you reacting to others, to emails, social media and in turn, reacting to life in a not so positive way?

Try starting your day out on your terms and set up your day with a positive intention. I have tried these 5 things to improve my mornings, which have improved my days.


First thoughts of the day: Using empowering words to start the day off right – “Today is going to be amazing!”

Setting an intention: Taking 5 minutes out, maybe with a cup of tea or coffee to set an intention for how you want to feel for the day.

Mindfulness practice: Some form of mindfulness, meaning any of the below, or practicing meditation.

Move: Move your body in some way – whether that be stretching, yoga, pilates, a walk or a gym session.

Feeding your soul & body with the right foods for you: Choosing foods to empower and energise you.

Morning Automation: Decide the night before what you will have for breakfast, how you will start your day and what you will wear to keep the reserves of dopamine for the more important decisions in your  day.

Life Script – Change your mindset from scarcity to abundance. Be grateful now for what you have, and what you will receive in the future. Use inflection and powerful energy and tell the universe what you want for your life now.


Here are a few of the things I mentioned that enhance my mornings.

Yoga practice –

I Am Affirmations :