After the Collab Excursion I have been talking to a lot of my clients about the benefits of collaborating and the things to consider before, during and after collaboration. So I thought I would do a little podcast to showcase some effective ways to use collaboration in your business, what to consider before, during and after, how to reach out to people to collaborate with them.


Why use collaboration?

Reach new audiences

Add value to your existing audience

Help you market your offer, program or product



What to consider before:

What are my values? Consider someone who will align with your values

What is important to my audience and how can I add value here?

What do they need that I don’t offer?

Making sure the person I’m collaborating with is offering something different, so it doesn’t confuse my audience.

What benefit will there be for the person I’m collaborating with.

What expectations or guidelines do I need to outline before we collaborate?


What to consider during:

As much as we are collaborating to add value to your audience, making sure you also get something out of it.

Mutual collaboration – Supporting each other

We both hold up our end of the bargin

What the expectations are from each party.



What to consider After:

How to maximise the partnership.

How to further support each other – always building relationships.


What are some ways to collaborate?

  • FB Lives/ Instagram Lives
  • Guest blogging
  • Podcast Interviews
  • YouTube interviews
  • Pre-Launch hype – interviews
  • Guest speaking at events
  • Instagram take overs
  • Partnering in events
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Gifting – Sway bags/giveaways
  • Joint Ventures – partnering together on a joint program/offering
  • Affiliate marketing