This little skill is one of the most important skills to master when trying be successful in your life and your business. It’s not the easiest thing to recognise when it’s happening, it can be sneaky AF but when you have the awareness around what your quitting looks like it can change the game.


Quitting or giving up on yourself can happen in stages… let’s have a look at each stage.


  1. Procrastination

Yep, it all starts with the P word. Procrastination can be a normal part of your day but when it drags out to 2-3 hours then you may want to consider if you are in need of stress relief, gaining some clarity on what you’re doing or are you in fear of the outcome?

  1. Working too hard

Taking care of yourself throughout your work day is important to stop things from escalating to burnout. Taking breaks, eating at set times to lift your energy, finishing and switching off when you said you will.

  1. Burnout

What causes burnout? Are you stressed being stressed? Busy being busy? This is where you need to recognize where you need to set some boundaries for your time and self care. Are the tasks you’re doing constantly depleting your energy or going against your values?

  1. Quitting & giving up

Are you delving into overwhelm and confusion?  When you can become aware of the stages you go through before you give up on yourself it will help you know when to change something before you give up. Are you putting things off? Feeling tired or sick? It’s so fascinating when you can uncover your patter for quitting so you know how to handle it each time you start giving up on yourself.


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