Wow! I cannot believe I’m at episode 50!!  When I started this podcast last year, I never even thought that I would get to this milestone!  And it got me thinking… am I not thinking big enough?

It’s amazing how the universe nudges you in the right direction when you start to show up for your life and your business. I have loved recording every episode and have loved every guest I have had one and I am so excited for what is to come!!

So where could I be thinking bigger? Do you spend time thinking about what you want for your life and your business? Are you limiting yourself and playing small?

When we compare ourselves and only surround ourselves with people who are playing at the same level, we can find ourselves not even realising that we’re limiting the possiblities

So this episode is all about thinking bigger and how to get clearer on your vision!  Spoiler alert – think bigger!

As yourself what is possible? Surround yourself with the big players and open up your mind to new possibilities!

I hope you love this episode, as much as I loved recording it!  Thank you for listening!


Don’t forget to Write your Future Bio and Journal on your vision and do a thought download!