Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice by to materialize. – Unknown

Every day we’re manifesting new results in our lives and not even realising we’re creating our reality with our thoughts. The law of attraction and manifesting has always been a little woo woo to me yet I have noticed that I have often manifested things in my life without realising it and yet, it has always worked out in bizarre ways.

So I wanted to look into this further to understand if there was a way I could use it to my benefit and stop manifesting the things I didn’t necessarily want in my life.

So what is the law of attraction and manifestation.

On today’s podcast, I break it down into practical steps and uncover the ways in which we are unconcsiously creating things we don’t want if we’re not careful!


Step 1 – Visualisation – thinking is powerful especially when we apply positive emotion to it. Society grabs our attention often in a negative way and it’s up to us to direct our attention to what we do want more of in our lives.

Step 2 – Positive and Negative Emotion – where to use it and and how

Step 3 – Contradictory thoughts – how you are manifesting the stuff you don’t want. What dream killing words we can’t help ourselves use and  what are you doing that blocks the law of attraction?

Step 4- Allow, Trust and surrender – possibly the hardest part for us control freaks.

Step 5 – Setting intentions before you transition into new segments of your life

Things I referenced:

BOOK – The Law of Attraction – Esther and Jerry Hicks

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Tony Robbins – Priming exercise – You Tube

We are so excited to announce the next LWYD Collective Event

– with Special Guest Steph Doyle – The Soul Echoist!

Our last event was the biggest one yet, and I have a feeling this month’s event will be no different! The beautiful and kind words that came out of August’s event have truly moved me and I’m still buzzing from the high vibe of the night.

This month, we welcome a special guest speaker:

Steph Doyle -The Soul Echoist!

Steph is a photographic storyteller, life blogger, creative badass, soulful wordsmith, spiritual empath, intuitive AF and an absolute empowerment Kween!

Steph is fascinated with the power and beauty of human connection and if you have ever watched any of her Insta stories, then you will see she is unapologetically truthful, genuine, human AF and all about the inner workings of what makes us real!

Coupled with her love of deep, soul warming sharing, her passion for sharing everything and anything else – she really is a mixed bag! She’s spontaneous, open minded and struggles to keep her focus on one thing only. She wants it all and she wants to share it all, from the depths of her heart to the height of her laughter (which is also loud AF).

Her infectious energy and beautiful openness will perfectly set the scene to dive deep into mastering your inner critic at our September event!

We all have that voice inside our heads, that constant chatter, the angel and devil, telling us that we’re not good enough, skinny enough, smart enough, confident enough, worthy enough  – all the enoughs that keep us playing small and stuck in our heads.  Some people call it the ego, or the mean girl and it can either tear us down or lift us up.

When we learn to master our inner critic, we take the power back and turn that little bitch into our cheerleader.

Would you like to learn how to tame and master your inner critic, so you can step out and do the things that you’ve always wanted to do?

 Let’s learn together as we uncover the inner workings of the critic and create some powerful tools to overcome the negativity and start living our lives to the fullest.

Are you willing to come on this journey with us? Let’s go!

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