Breaking down the break up with Belinda Love

Belinda Love. Self-Love and Empowerment Coach, NLP Practitioner and ex Bachelor contestant from the 2017 (Matty J’s season) and Author of Breaking Down the Breakup.

Belinda penned her debut book, Breaking Down the Breakup- The four emotional phases you go through when dealing with heartbreak, to enable readers to cast away the negativity they harbour from past relationships, and create a clearing for a happier future while attracting genuine connected relationships. Her journey relating to love and relationships has been somewhat of a rollercoaster and after a few broken, emotionally, verbally and physically abusive relationships she arrived at the realisation as to why she was attracting this type of partner and decided to look within to find the answers.

Belinda is now devoted to inspiring and empowering people all over the world, to feel loved everyday regardless of their relationship status, and to know they are lovable even if they are single. Belinda’s purpose is to help others live a life of self-love and delivers her content all over the world via one-on-one coaching, online courses and in person seminars.

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Belinda’s Bachelor experience – behind the scenes from last years season
  • Finding Self Love first before finding love
  • The truth behind loneliness
  • Expectation vs goals
  • Recognising your values and how to uphold them
  • Strong suits & rackets
  • The four emotional phases you go through when dealing with heartbreak
  • Discovering your blind spots
  • Learning to ask for help
  • Finding forgiveness for past relationships
  • Reigniting your feminine energy
  • Dating & Tinder profiles  

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