What are you the least skilled at? Starting things, maintaining things or finishing them?
Uncovering hidden behaviours that hold us back can create the awareness we need to move forward in our lives and business.  Have you considered why you may struggle to start, maintain or finish things in life?
On today’s podcast episode, we delve into the hidden fears and drivers to our behaviours when we consider these three patterns.  We uncover what could be hidden in our subconscious minds that deliver these behaviours and what we can do to change them.
Starting Things
  • IWe need to choose 1 thing and build focus and determination
  • Overcome perfectionism
  • Prove to ourselves we are worthy to get started
  • Overcome fear of responsibility and success

Maintaining Things

  • Improve discipline with rewards along the way
  • Create smaller milestones
  • Recognize when we’re quitting
  • Refocus and continue to remind ourselves why we started

Finishing Things

  • Overcome fear of judgement & failure
  • Build resilience
  • Plan ahead of time what might stop us from achieving our goals
  • Overcome the belief we don’t deserve it
  • Ask ourselves what it is costing us to not get things finished
The Next Level 5 Day Challenge
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The LWYD (Love What You Do) Collective October Event – Hustle & Flow

We are so pumped to announce the next LWYD Collective Event – focusing on a hot topic lately; hustle and flow. These events continue to blow us away, and are such a powerful space of community, collaboration and real, meaningful connections.


Over the hustle mentality, the grind and the burn out? Us too. Still want to get sh*t done and rock your powerhouse self? US TOO. The good news? We can, from a much more powerful and abundant way: flow. From this space, of swimming WITH the stream – we can do, be and have our hearts desires AND create massive impact WITHOUT that familiar feeling of continual pushing. Without all the should’s and expectations.


This event we are going to dive in to how to tap in to your flow state, so that you can show up to your life, your mission and your vision with EASE…and have some fun along the way too! It’s time to bring in our next level of feminine leadership.