Asja Svilans, Founder of the Grounded Way, Asja believes that good food, connection, nourishment, creativity and service are the key to living a good life, and to learn how to care for, and love, yourself.
With over a decade of conscious work in and across small business, hospitality, health promotion, women’s advocacy and workshop/event facilitation, this experiential career has culminated in Asja’s creation of ‘The Grounded Way’.   This project is a socially responsible well-being hub, inspiring skill acquisition and inspiration to encourage women to build kitchen confidence and nutritional literacy and embrace a slower way of living to reap more happiness and productivity.

Asja is a resourceful mentor, successfully bridging real life experience with actionable strategy and meticulous planning to bring small business and entrepreneurial dreams to life. With an accountable, creative, and compassionate approach she works closely with teams to work on scalable growth and facilitating change management to create more social impact.

Today’s conversation covers not only these points, but so much more:

  • Becoming resourceful through crisis
  • The freedom money gives you to give back
  • Nurturing and giving and still making profit
  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Using your part time or full time to upskill for the future
  • Learning to pivot
  • Getting perspective to get through the hard times
  • The importance of market research
  • You can never learn less
  • Discipline as self care
  • Showing up and Follow through
  • The importance of a beginners mindset
  • Knowing the difference between quitting and making a business decision to walk away
  • Business is an expression of yourself
  • Perfectionism is not high quality
  • Using obstacle thoughts to move forward