Over the Christmas break, I took some time to review and reflect on 2018 especially focusing on what worked and what didn’t work in my business. If you listened to last week’s episode with Kirsten you will have heard that last year was a massive year of growth and expansion, especially in my business. Throughout the reflection, I came to find 7 key strategies that I used to create the results and success for 2018. So today I want to share them with you in the hope that maybe you could implement them into you business in 2019 and create the business of your dreams.

Let’s get started~!

*Prioritise your money makers and business drivers

*Creating an effective opt in for lead generation

*Lift your visibility

*Be seen as a leader in your field

*Make your offer – ask for what you want

*Clarify and Simplify your offering

*Remove distractions

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