Are you a workaholic? Take things seriously and know exactly what needs to be done before you have time to relax and enjoy life? Do you think taking time out is just a distraction from working on the important stuff?

Happiness is not a destination and life is meant to be lived, not just worked!

More and more scientific studies are showing that the power of play is just as magical for adults as it is for kids. And as creative heart-centered entrepreneurs, we need an outlet to be able to stay on top of our game and keep dreaming up new ideas and being creative every day.

So I’m going to take you through 6 important reasons why you should be adding more play into your day!

Play enhances our sense of wellbeing

Playing releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that help us feel happy and enjoy our lives. Supports a positive disposition and helps us see the positive side of everything! The strong endorphin rush of playing a game you enjoy or just being silly for no reason counteracts the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol, that can leave you feeling sluggish or depressed – so it combats stress which is a proven fact.

Play improves your Relationships

Playing games with other human beings helps us experience more connection which is one our human core needs. By playing a game, be that a board game, a sport of some kind, with family and friends strengthens your bond and builds trust.

Playing together regularly builds trust, as we start to understand that our friends and teammates have our back and we’ll take care of them, too.

Laughing also releases oxytocin, the chemical that helps us feel connected to another person. So what better way to play than to laugh with friends and family.

Having a pillow fight with your significant other can help bring you closer together by letting you be less serious and bringing out the fun, spontaneous side that you originally fell in love with, as studies have shown that playfulness makes us more attractive.

Could you be more playful at work? Not only does this boost connection with your colleagues but encourages comradery and a supportive atmosphere.

It also boosts your productivity, reduces stress because you can start to see work collegues in a different light and see that they are human as well.

Play boosts your Energy

A 5 minute dance party for sure restores my vitality, gives me a boost and helps me let go of stagnant energy of sitting in front of a computer

Play supports our immune system. Even going outside for a stretch and some movement has been proven to increase perceived energy levels. But even playing a game inside can be better than a cup of coffee if you’re feeling low—firing off different connections in your brain and trying something new stimulates both your brain and your body to perk up.

So taking a quick walk around the block, going for a swing at the park is enough to shift your energy and boost it for the rest of the day without the highs and lows of a coffee habit.

It boosts Creativity

Taking some time to play tops up the domamine in our brain so we can have more conscious problem solving thought and opens up the creativity centres of the brain.

The more you allow yourself to play, the more that kind of creative thinking will permeate your whole life.

Play Improves Brain Function

How can you use play to make your brain work harder? Playing strategic games like chess, crosswords or solitare, can help to form new connections in the brain, keeps your brain young and active, , firing up those neurons and ensuring that you stay sharp, helping to prevent aging affects,

Use it or lose it

So what’s one thing you’ve been dying to try?

Play improves your happiness

Every time you succeed at something, it boosts your confidence and happiness and it helps to train your brain for positive emotion.
What’s your default? Try shaking your ass and not smiling. We need to train our brains to experience more positive emotion so the default is happy, not sad, playful not stressed, curious not fearful.