On today’s episode we talk all about Self Love with Kathryn Ottobrino, a Holistic Life Coach, Healer and Speaker.

We chat about self love practices, doing the work to improve your self worth and self acceptance.

How to fill up your own cup to be able to hold the space for your clients

That through the process we learn as much from our clients as they learn from us.

And lots more about how she went from corporate roles to building her business behind the scenes and how she plans to take her business international.

Feel free to reach out to Kathryn through her socials with the links below and her website to find out more about Soul Bootcamp and her workshops.

INSTAGRAM –¬† https://www.instagram.com/kathrynottobrino/

FB – https://www.facebook.com/kottobrino/

WEBSITE  Рhttps://kathrynottobrino.com.au/