Self Doubt stops action, momentum, stops decisions and creates a disconnect. A separation of self from others, our ability and our power.

Are you feeling blocked creatively, scared to launch something new, questioning what you know or how you can do something you’ve never done before?

Do you keep hearing that inner voice saying, “I don’t know, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m never going to figure this out, I wish I was more confident” This is the little self-doubt monster taking over.


  • What is self-doubt and how do we overcome it?
  • How does Self Doubt hold you back?
  • What if you let go of Self Doubt?
  • Learn to celebrate yourself and your abilities

Self Doubt blocks our intuition, our abundance, lowers our vibration and has no purpose other than to keep us safe. Without it we actually develop self-belief. Don’t beat yourself up. You are not a failure just because you something didn’t work out.

Rebuild self-trust
Our word to ourselves is everything. Our commitments are our word to ourselves and when we go against that, we lose trust with ourselves.

What would support you in rebuilding your trust?

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” ~Honore de Balzac