What is Fear of Success, how do we identify it and how do we overcome it?

You may think the fear of failure is what causes us to procrastinate and not take action on our goals, often it’s the fear of success that is harder to recognize and what is actually keeping us stuck.

We often self-sabotage without even knowing we are doing it

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Not wanting to set goals
  • Being late to appointments/meetings of importance
  • Saying or doing something inappropriate during important situations
  • Conveniently “forgetting deadlines”
  • Laziness and lack of motivation to complete projects
  • Constantly second-guessing yourself
  • Addiction to procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-sabotage in ways that prevent a positive outcome
  • Not preparing for something important
  • Avoidance of responsibility
  • Turning down good opportunities without a good reason
  • Limiting yourself to jobs, projects, and relationships you’ve long outgrown
  • Sabotaging yourself when you’re on the brink of success (e.g. making excuses, getting “sick”, excessive alcohol or drug use, closing down, negative self-talk, creating dramas, etc.)

Today I’m talking about the top 5 fear-based thinking patterns that are attributed to the fear of success.

  1. Fear of People Judging you
  2. Fear of people leaving you
  3. Fear of being successful and then it all comes falling down
  4. Fear of who you may become
  5. Fear of more responsibility or more challenge

What are you afraid of and how can we overcome the fear of success?